Lee Ann Batt, MS, LSCSW


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Lee Ann Batt, MS, LSCSW

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Adult, Anxiety, Depression, Health/Weight Loss, Marital, Parenting, Trauma

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1660 N. Tyler Road

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Lee Ann Batt, MS, LSCSW


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Lee Ann has been working with individuals, couples and groups for almost 30 years in the Life Coaching and Clinical Therapy fields.  She began as an exercise physiologist (masters degree from the University of Kansas), owning a personal development business in Boston, Massachusetts, teaching fitness, anatomy and physiology, martial arts, women’s self defense and yoga in the New England area, then in Phoenix, AZ.  She began to notice that those who were most successful at improving their physical health were the ones addressing their emotional issues.  After having earned a Life Coaching certificate at the Life Arts Center near Boston, and then studying with Martha Beck (Oprah Winfrey’s life coach, bestselling author and contributor to O Magazine) in Phoenix, she earned another masters degree in Clinical Social Work at Wichita State University to turn her focus to helping people navigate the challenging issues that show up in their lives.  Lee Ann specializes in working with individuals, couples and groups in areas such as depression, anxiety, career changes, weight loss and general health, adjustment to life changes, parenting issues, relationship issues, grief, self esteem issues, anger management, trauma.  EMDR trained.

Lee Ann believes it is courageous to seek help in navigating challenges that come our way and it is always easier to bear when we can address it with someone who is objective, non judgemental, truthful, knowledgeable and caring.  Amid every difficulty in life, there is always a choice and always an answer.  Therapy and life coaching are simply an opportunity to learn how to come to a place of peace and resolution, allowing us to move ahead toward the life we want to live.  You are meant to live a joyful, successful life!